Additional Information - Eligibility to Apply for Internal Job Vacancy Postings

The job vacancies accessible through this section are promotional and reinstatement opportunities. They are available for application ONLY to current State employees or former permanent State employees who are/were employed in jobs with agencies covered by the State Merit System. To be eligible for posted classified positions, you must be a current or former State employee who was hired from a competitive register and successfully completed the probationary employment period.

A former employee who had attained permanent status under the Division of Personnel who has resigned in good standing, retired, or who has been laid off is eligible for reinstatement. Provided, that he or she has previously worked in the occupational grouping of the job class and has been certified by the Director as meeting the current minimum qualifications as to training and experience of the class of position to which he or she is being appointed. Prior to making the certification, the Director may require the employee to pass a qualifying examination. The Director may refuse to reinstate a former employee for any of the causes stipulated in subdivision 6.4.a of the Administrative Rule. Employees appointed through reinstatement shall serve a probationary period.​

IMPORTANT: Persons employed in positions or with agencies not covered by the merit system, or who worked in temporary positions, must apply through the external competitive hiring process. Any applications and/or résumés received from individuals who do not qualify to apply for our internal job vacancy postings CANNOT be considered. If you do not qualify as stated above, click here to switch to our open competitive jobs application process.

Qualifying applicants for our internal job vacancy postings CANNOT apply online for these positions. You must download and complete our PDF application form, and send it directly to the contact person listed in the posting. Click here​ to download our PDF application – please note that it is a PDF document that you can complete, print, and save on your computer using the free Adobe Ac​robat Reader. The closing date listed on each individual posting is the deadline by which applications must be received by the contact person.


West Virginia State law requires agencies to post any classified position for a minimum of 10 calendar days before the vacancy can be filled. The hiring agency may choose to fill the position with a current employee who has permanent status (from any covered agency) or by reinstating a qualified former employee, or the agency may decide to hire a candidate from a competitive employment register.

For more information, you can review the Division of Personnel’s Policy DOP-P11, Posting of Job Openings.