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Covered and Non-Covered Agencies


Covered agencies are those served by, and which must comply with, the Division of Personnel merit system of Personnel administration. Classified position vacancies in these covered agencies are always filled through Division of Personnel applicant screening and referral procedures.

Applicants need only submit one application to the Division of Personnel to be considered for job openings in all of these covered agencies. For example, an individual applying for the job title of Accountant 1 could be referred to several covered agencies for possible interview.


Agencies not covered by the merit system are sometimes also referred to as "exempt agencies." These agencies aren’t required to use DOP services or follow its merit system; however, they do, from time to time, request applicant referral and other services from the Division of Personnel. Individuals interested in jobs in exempt agencies should make inquires directly with each specific agency or office.


Some executive level, policy making, temporary, and specifically designated positions in covered agencies may be exempt from coverage.


This is only a partial list of non-covered agencies. Many smaller boards, commissions, and offices are not included. Also, local government agencies (Police, Fire, Schools, etc.) are not covered. Some local agencies use “civil service” or merit personnel systems not under the jurisdiction of the State Division of Personnel.

  • Administration, Department of
      • Finance Division 
      • General Services Division
      • Office of Technology
      • Personnel, Division of
      • Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA)
      • Purchasing Division
      • Real Estate Division
      • Surplus Property
      • Travel Management
  • Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
  • Corrections, Division of
  • County Boards of Health
  • Culture & History, Division of
  • Development Office, West Virginia
  • Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, WV
  • Energy, Division of 
  • Environmental Protection, Department of
  • Financial Institutions, Division of
  • Forestry, Division of
  • Health & Human Resources, Department of
    • Includes State Hospitals, Local Health    Departments,State Health and Human Services Offices, and Children's Health Insurance Program
  • Health Care Authority
  • Highways, Division of
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Division of
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Insurance Commissioner, Offices of
  • Justice and Community Services, Division of
  • Juvenile Services, Division of
  • Labor, Division of
  • Library Commission
  • Lottery Commission
  • Miner’s Heath, Safety and Training
  • Motor Vehicles, Division of
  • Natural Resources, Division of
  • Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Parole Board, WV
  • Public Service Commission
  • Public Transit
  • Regional Jail Authority
  • Rehabilitation Services, Division of
  • Senior Services, Bureau of
  • State Budget Office
  • State Fire Commission
  • State Rail Authority
  • Tax and Revenue
  • Tax Appeals, Office of
  • Tourism, Division of
  • Veteran Assistance and Veterans' Homes
  • Water Development Authority
  • WorkForce West Virginia


  • Offices of State Elected Officials:
    • Agriculture, Department of
    • Attorney General
    • Governor’s Office
    • Legislature and related offices
    • Secretary of State
    • State Auditor
    • State Treasurer


  • Adjutant General’s Office
  • Aeronautics Commission
  • Air Quality Division
  • Consolidated Public Retirement Board
  • Court of Claims
  • Education, Department of
  • West Virginia Ethics Commission
  • Farm Management Commission
  • Public Employees Grievance Board
  • Higher Education Central Offices
  • Housing Development Fund
  • Investments, WV State Board of
  • Municipal Bond Commission
  • Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Parkways Economic Development and Tourism Authority (WV Turnpike)
  • Probation and Parole, Board of
  • Public Defender Services
  • Public Port Authority
  • Racing Commission
  • Risk and Insurance Management, State Board of
  • School Building Authority
  • Solid Waste Management Board
  • Special Investigations, Commission on
  • State Bar
  • State Colleges and Universities
  • State Police
  • Supreme Court of Appeals
  • Water Resources Board

The Division of Personnel does not process applications for the United States Postal Service or for jobs with the Federal government. For jobs with West Virginia private businesses and organizations, refer to the WorkForce West Virginia website.