Sick Leave

Paid sick leave is available to eligible employees who are ill, injured, or have medical appointments, and it is earned from the first day of employment. Most agencies allow employees to receive credit for earned leave on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. All employees earn sick leave at the same rate (1.50 days/month = 18 days/year) and are allowed to carry an unlimited sick leave balance.​

Employees may use their sick leave in accordance with agency protocol and the provisions of the Division of Personnel Administrative Rule. In addition to the employee’s illness, injury, and medical appointments, employees are permitted up to a total 80 hours of accrued sick leave per calendar year for illnesses/injuries/medical appointments of immediate family members, and up to 3 days for each occurrence of a death in the immediate family.  

For more information on sick leave, including appropriate uses and requirements for physician’s statements, please refer to the West Virginia Division of Personnel Administrative Rule and/or check with your supervisor.