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Frequently Asked Questions - Staffing Services

  1. Why must I apply through the Division of Personnel?

    The WV Division of Personnel (DOP) was created by law to ensure that all State hiring and promotion decisions are fair and based on an applicant’s merit. As such we are responsible for ensuring that all hiring decisions are based on equal employment opportunity and merit principles. 
  3. How do I find out about open jobs?

    All jobs currently open for application are listed on our website at www.personnel.wv.gov. Simply go there, scroll through our job listings, and apply online. If you want more information about a particular job title just click on the position’s title and a job description will open. All the information necessary to apply can be found on this page with the apply link appearing in the top right. Internal vacancies: Current or former State employees may also apply for these posted vacancies. Instructions for applying are listed at the bottom of each job description. Only State employees who have held permanent status (completed the probationary period) may be considered for these positions.  
  5. If I am interested in a position, may I submit a resume in place of an application?

    No. DOP does not accept resumes in the place of an application. All applicants MUST use the official application and valid information MUST be on the application to be considered. You may attach a resume to your online application, but you must also complete all parts of the application. 

  6. What application building tips can you recommend?

    A strong application is the best thing an applicant can submit to increase employment chances. However, an application for State employment is very different from a resume. We require a detailed work and education history which highlights all of your relevant qualifications for a position. Applicants who provide a short, non-detailed application are less likely to be offered an interview.  

  7. When can I reapply/retest?

    Generally, you can reapply/retest after a 90 day waiting period. If a job title has a different waiting period it will be stated in the job announcement. However, unless there has been a significant change in your qualifications, you should only reapply if your eligibility expiration date is approaching. Applying often for the same continuous job announcements does not change your score and only serves to slow down the process for all applicants.  

  8. Can I apply for jobs in certain counties or locations?

    Several job announcements do list specific counties where the vacancy is located. Apply for them as you would for any position. Most of these will have a specific closing date. However, many of our open vacancies are listed on a continuous basis which means we are constantly accepting applications for future vacancies. Because it is an impending vacancy we cannot tell you where it will be located. We ask applicants to indicate county preferences on the application. When a vacancy in that county becomes available your application will be considered.

  9. Do I have to verify my education or license?

    Yes. All post-high school education must be verified in order to be considered. Transcripts must be in the form of an officially authorized transcript, not simply a list of courses and grades. Note: Foreign college degrees and credits are not acceptable unless these are recognized by a regionally accredited American school or by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES®). If we require verification of education or license we will notify you that verification is required. If you do not provide the requested verification you will not be considered for employment. Legible copies of official transcripts are acceptable.

  10. Do I have to be a West Virginia resident or US Citizen to obtain employment?

    West Virginia residency is not required for most jobs. United States Citizenship requirements are routinely waived; however, non-citizens must be able to work legally in this country and must present documents verifying immigration status. 

  11. Are veterans given preference in hiring for State jobs?

    Five score points may be added to the passing score of applicants who are qualifying veterans. Five additional points may be added to the scores of any qualifying veteran with a present compensable, service-connected disability, or Purple Heart Award. Proof of service dates, disability, Purple Heart Award or Campaign Badge, as verified by the DD-214 form, is required before credit can be given. Disability must be verified by letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The eligibility requirements for veteran’s preference are shown on the application form. To learn more about veteran’s preference refer to: www.personnel.wv.gov/job_seekers/Pages/veterans.aspx

  12. Do I have to take a test? Where do I go? Do I need an appointment?

    The job announcement will clearly state if a civil service test is required. Please read the job announcement carefully for details of that specific position. Many State jobs require only that you submit an application for review and rating and then you will receive a score based on an evaluation of your training and experience. For those requiring a written examination, it is necessary to report to a test center and take the exam.

    Office Support (clerical) jobs may also require a typing test.

    Reporting for a Written Test: Applicants must have submitted an application online prior to testing. DOP requires both a test score AND an application to process tested positions. Those who must use a paper application due to disability or other valid reason should take the completed paper application to the examination center on the day of testing. Applicants reporting for testing must show personal identification which includes a signature and/or photo (driver’s license, passport, or Social Security Card). Applicants who cannot present identification will not be permitted to test. Written examinations for job classes are available at examinations centers throughout the State. For the locations and schedule of test dates refer to the testing locations listed on the DOP website. You do not need an appointment to test.

    NOTE: We DO NOT offer testing outside the State of West Virginia. 

  13. What are the written tests like? Can I retest?

    Most written examinations are composed of multiple-choice questions, each with 4-5 answer choices. Responses are marked on a separate answer sheet. Most written examinations are administered within a 2-3-hour time limit. Some job classes require a performance (i.e., typing, data entry) examination in addition to the written exam. Applicants may not retake the same written examination within a period of 90 days from the previous test date. An applicant may wish to retest to improve his/her score. The new score (higher or lower) will automatically replace any previous score. 

  14. How can I prepare?

    We do not offer specific study guides for written tests. The questions on each test are different for each job title. There are many published test study guides available in some libraries and bookstores. Some of these are for jobs that are similar to State jobs. These and other basic skills review tests (grammar, arithmetic, reading, etc.) might be of some limited help. We cannot recommend any published material. We do recommend that you get a good night’s sleep and try to relax before testing. Read ALL the instructions and ALL the answer choices. Select the best answer. If you must guess, first try to eliminate  one or two responses. Work at a steady pace, but don’t rush. You should have plenty of time to finish the test within the time limit.

    Written Exam Scoring: Written test scores are always based on the number of items answered correctly. No deduction is made for incorrect responses or guessing. Each test has an established minimum number of correct responses required for passing. For score reporting purposes, raw scores (number correct) are converted to a percentage of total possible points. For example, if a test has 80 questions and each correct answer counts one point, a raw score of 60 correct would result in a reported score of 75% (60 out of 80 points).

    Some tests have a minimum passing score. Scores below the minimum are reported as "Failed" or "Did Not Pass." 

  15. Do you offer special services for persons with disabilities?

    We will provide reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities. Applicants wishing to request accommodation for written testing or the application process should call the Staffing Services section at 304-558-3950 ext 0. Arrangements must be made prior to the test date. 

  16. How will you notify me of my score?

    For both tested and non-tested jobs, all applicants are notified of either a passing final score, "Did Not Pass" (Fail), or a notice of disqualification (did not meet minimum requirements). You should receive your notice in 3-4 weeks. This may take longer in high-volume application periods. 

  17. How will I be selected for an interview?

    If you meet all job requirements and pass any required test or training and experience rating, your name will be added to the eligible list or register. There are eligible lists for all announced job titles. Your "rank" or position on the list is determined by your most recent score. Ranks can change as qualified candidates are added and removed from the list. Applicants remain active on each register for a set period of time; 4 months, 6 months, or 1 year depending on job classification. The expiration date is noted on each applicant’s score notice. 

    When a vacancy occurs, the hiring agency requests the names of eligible candidates for consideration and possible interview. The Division of Personnel refers names from the appropriate register to the hiring agency. Applicants are referred in score order, highest to lowest. Applicants who will accept employment in the job location are referred. An applicant’s name will not be referred out if he/she is not available for that job location, type, or shift.

    If your name is referred for a vacancy, the agency will usually contact you by phone or letter to arrange an interview. The hiring agency determines how many referred applicants will be interviewed. Your place or rank on the list may change as names are added and removed (time expires). It is the hiring agency’s responsibility to make offers of employment. 

  18. Is there a time limit on my eligibility?

    Your eligibility will not be extended beyond the expiration date. Applicants wishing to extend or renew their eligibility must reapply and retest if a written test is required for the job class. The job class must be currently open for application (announced) for the applicant to reapply.

    NOTE: Applicants are not notified when the eligibility time has expired. The expiration date is noted on each applicant’s score notice. 

  19. How can I update my record (name, address, etc.)?

    Log in to your online account and update the contact information section. Applicants without computer access can send us a letter informing us of the updated information and we will update your account for you. However, it is an applicant’s responsibility to keep contact information current. Without current contact information you cannot be notified of any interview requests.

  20. How do agencies create job appointments?

    The hiring agency may choose to fill a vacancy by appointing or promoting a current permanent employee, reinstating a former employee, or appointing any person listed on an official eligible hiring referral register. The agency is not required to interview any fixed number of referred candidates. In fact, the agency may choose not to interviews any applicants on the register.

    Who may be selected: When selecting from a register referral list, the agency must hire from among the top 10 available names on the referral list, including any persons scoring the same as the tenth person. If there are more than 100 total available eligible candidates the agency may select any person scoring at or above the 90th percentile (top 10%). Note that referral to a hiring agency does not guarantee an interview.

    Probationary period and permanent status: Appointed applicants are inactivated (not referable) for the appointed job class and ALL others with the same or lower pay grade. However, the eligible will remain active on any eligible lists for job titles with a higher pay grade. New employees serve a probationary period of 6 months to one year, depending on the job title. If successful during the probationary timeframe, the employee is certified for permanent status. Permanent employees may apply for internally posted vacancies in their own agency or as a transfer to other agencies. 

  21. As a former State employee, can I simply be reinstated?

    Former employees of merit system covered agencies that attained permanent (non-probationary) status prior to separation may be reinstated as long as they resigned in good standing. The individual must meet the current minimum qualifications of the job class to which he or she is being appointed, and may be required to pass a qualifying examination. If you qualify for reinstatement, contact the personnel offices of agencies where you wish to work. Former permanent status employees may apply for positions listed in the internal job vacancy posting system, which is updated on a weekly basis. The hiring agency is under no obligation to consider reinstatement. 

  22. Can I talk with a job counselor?

    We realize that finding the right job is not easy. Even after reviewing the information on our website you may have special questions or need assistance. If you need help, please call 681-313-2704. If more convenient, visit us Monday-Friday,  8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. at the Charleston Capitol Complex, Building 3, Suite 500.