Frequently Asked Questions - Staffing Services

  1. Why must I apply through the Division of Personnel?
    The WV Division of Personnel (DOP) was created by law to ensure that all State hiring and promotion decisions are fair and based on an applicant’s merit. As such, we are responsible for ensuring that all hiring decisions are based on equal employment opportunity and merit principles.
  3. How do I learn about available career opportunities?
    All jobs currently open for application are listed on our website at Scroll through our job listings and apply online. If you want more information about a particular job title, click on the position's title. All information necessary to apply can be found on this page with the "apply" link appearing in the top right.
  5. If I am interested in a position, may I submit a resume in place of an application?
    No. DOP does not accept resumes in the place of an application. All applicants MUST use the official application and valid information MUST be on the application.
  6. What application building tips can you recommend?
    We require a detailed work and education history which highlights all of your relevant qualifications for a position. Be detailed about your daily job duties on each job listed on your application. For example, include details about any types of office equipment you use, computer software you use, vehicles and equipment you operate, tools you utilize to complete your tasks, etc.
  7. When can I reapply/retest?
    Generally, you can reapply/retest after a 30 calendar day waiting period. If a job title has a different waiting period, it will be stated in the job announcement. However, unless there has been a significant change in your qualifications, you should only reapply if your eligibility expiration date is approaching.​
  8. Can I apply for jobs in certain counties or locations?
    Several job announcements do list specific counties where the vacancy is located. Apply for them as you would for any position. Most of these will have a specific closing date. However, many of our open vacancies are listed on a continuous basis which means we are constantly accepting applications for future vacancies. Because it is an impending vacancy we cannot tell you the location. Please indicate county preferences on the application. When a vacancy in that county becomes available your application will be considered.
  9. Do I have to verify my education or license?
    Yes. All post-high school education must be verified in order to be considered. Transcripts must be in the form of an officially authorized transcript or a legible copy. Note: Foreign college degrees and credits are not acceptable unless these are recognized by a regionally accredited American school or by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES®).
  10. Do I have to be a West Virginia resident or US Citizen to obtain employment?
    West Virginia residency is not required for most positions. Applicants must be able to legally work in this country.
  11. Are veterans given preference in hiring for State jobs?
    Five points will be added to the passing score of applicants who are qualifying veterans who meet certain criteria (see Veterans page). Another five additional points may be added to the scores of any qualifying veteran with a present compensable, service-connected disability, or Purple Heart Award. Proof of service dates, disability, Purple Heart Award or Campaign Badge, as verified by the DD-214 form, is required before credit can be given. Disability must be verified by letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  12. Do I have to take a test?
    The job announcement will clearly state if a test is required. Please read the job announcement carefully for details of that specific position. Many state jobs require only that you submit an application for review; you will receive a score based on an evaluation of your training and experience. For those requiring an examination, it is necessary to take a test.  Instructions for taking the test online will be sent to you immediately.
    Office Support (clerical) jobs may also require a typing test.
  13. What are the tests like? Can I retest?
    Tests are composed of multiple-choice questions, each with 4-5 answer choices. Examinations are administered within a 3-hour time limit and some job classes require a performance (i.e., typing, data entry) examination. Applicants may not retake the same test within a period of 30 days from the previous test date. An applicant may wish to retest to improve his/her score. The new score (higher or lower) will automatically replace any previous score.
  14. How can I prepare?
    Specific study guidelines for these exams are not provided by DOP. However, make certain you read and understand the test instructions, make sure you are available for the 3-hour allotment, check your computer to verify that you have access to the preferred browser, Google Chrome, and be rested and alert prior to whatever time you sign-on. At this point, a mobile device or tablet is not compatible for testing.
  15. Do you offer special services for persons with disabilities?
    We will provide reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities. Applicants wishing to request accommodation for testing or the application process should call the Staffing Services section at 304-558-3950 Ext. 1.  Arrangements must be made prior to the test date.
  16. Exam Scoring - How will I be notified of my score?

    Test scores are based on the number of correct answers. Deduction of points will not transpire if the applicant selects an incorrect answer. It will behoove the applicant to make an educated guess.

    Please note that if an applicant receives a certain percentage score (even only a 70%) this in no way affects the person’s eligibility to be referred for consideration of hire or is a reflection of their qualifications. When an applicant meets the minimum qualifications without related training or experience, there are instances when a score of 70% is the highest achievable score.

  17. What are Continuous job announcements?

    These are announcements which we tend to have frequent hires for particular classifications, and we remain proactive to have qualified applicants readily available for consideration of employment. An example may be transportation workers, child protective service workers, or any health care related fields.

  18. How can I update my record (name, address, etc.)?
    Log in to your online account and update the contact information section. Applicants without computer access can send us a letter informing us of the updated information and we will update your account. However, it is an applicant's responsibility to keep contact information current.
  19. Additional Questions?
    Log in to your online account and update the contact information section.  After reviewing the information on our website, you may have special questions or need additional assistance. If you need help, please call 304-558-3950 Ext. 1.  If more convenient, visit us Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM at the State Capitol Complex, Building 3, Suite 500.