Employee Relations


Designed to establish and enable the execution of government-wide human resources law, rule, policy, and programs, the Division of Personnel's (DOP) Employee Relations (ER) section works broadly with all levels of government and is uniquely positioned to promote awareness and compliance on policies and initiatives that impact agencies, workers, and their families.

ER is available to provide technical and comprehensive guidance to West Virginia State agencies, affiliated municipal agencies, and employees regarding the full range of human resources. View each of the services below to learn more or call 304-414-1853 to speak to ER directly.​


Consultation Services

ER is available to provide State agencies and employees individual consultation services, providing expert advice and assistance when difficult and complex workplace issues arise, and recommend viable strategies involving various employee relations topics, including but not limited to perfor​mance management, corrective and disciplinary action, attendance management, employee leaves of absence, and technical assistance on the grievance process.​


Guidance Library and Job Aids

ER authors a variety of human resources guidance documents made available to State agencies and employees through the DOP website. The "Supervisors Toolbox" is designed to assist State agency supervisors and managers in applying best practices in dealing with critical human resources issues. Including:

▪ Attendance Management

▪ Employee Conduct Expectations

▪ Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

▪ Family and Medical Leave Act (federal FMLA) and the State Parental Leave Act (PLA)

▪ Military Leave​

▪ Performance Management/Discipline​​

Policy Development

ER is available t​o assist in the development and review of agency policies and procedural guidance documents, as well as substantive employee correspondence mandated by procedural due process and adherence to various federal and State codes.

Sample letters and policies are available on a broad range of topics, including:

▪ Leaves of absence

▪ Performance Improvement

▪ Corrective Action and Discipline

▪ Remote/Telework Agreements

▪ Settlement Agreement and Release


Human Resources Training

ER is available to provide agency training sessions covering personnel management topics, including:

▪ Emergency Situation/Inclement Weather Policy (DOP-P4) Learning Blast

▪ Leave as an Accommodation Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

▪ Settlement Agreements/Back Wages policy (DOP-P24)

▪ The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

▪ The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

▪ Workplace Harassment​​