Frequently Asked Questions - Classification and Compensation

The terms ‘reallocation’ and ‘reclassification’ – what’s the difference? 

A position reallocation occurs when the Division of Personnel assigns a position to a different classificaiton due to significant changes in the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position. A reallocation is always limited to a single position. 
In contrast, a reclassification occurs after the Division of Personnel, in consultation with affected agencies, conducts a classification study and creates a new class or class series. The new class or class series must be approved by the State Personnel Board and then each affected position is reclassified by Division of Personnel. Note that a reclassification involves new classes, actions by the State Personnel Board and generally involves multiple positions. Sometimes a reclassification study may involve an entire agency or multiple agencies. 

Do employees have the right to have their positions reviewed to see if they are properly classified? 

Yes. The Division of Personnel Administrative Rule, Section 4.5 (e) and (f), requires that the appointing authority inform the Division of Personnel when significant changes occur in the duties assigned to a position. If the agency fails to notify the Division of Personnel, then the employee can file a request to have his or her position reviewed for proper classification. 

What is the basis for requesting a review of a position? 

When new and significantly different duties are added to or deleted from a position the agency should have a new Position Description Form completed and sent to the Division of Personnel. If the agency fails to do this then the employee may submit the Position Description form on their own. But, remember, the Position Description Form requires that the immediate supervisor complete parts of the form. Also, the agency head or designee must certify and sign the form. If the required signatures are not on the form, then the Division of Personnel will return the form to the agency for certification and signature. By rule, the Position Description Form is the official description of the duties assigned to the position.