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WV Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)


dep.wv.gov › jobs

Oil and Gas Inspectors

WV Division of Rehabilitation Services



Rehabilitation Counselors

WV Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR)



Nurses, Health Service Workers, Health Service Trainees (CNAs), Child Support Specialists, Child Protective Service Workers, Physicians, Social Workers, Cooks and Food Service Workers

Office of Health Facilities​

Hopemont Hospital (Terra Alta, Preston County) 304-789-2411
Jackie Withrow Hospital (Beckley, Raleigh County) 304-256-6600
Lakin Hospital (Point Pleasant, Mason County) 304-675-0860
John Manchin, Sr. Health Care Center (Fairmont, Marion County ) 304-363-2500
Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital (Huntington, Cabell County) 304-525-7801
William R. Sharpe, Jr.  Hospital (Weston, Lewis County)  304-269-1210
Welch Community Hospital (Welch, McDowell County)  304-436-8618

WV Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation



Correctional Officer 1       Correctional Officer 2
Correctional Officer 3 and Correctional Officer 4

Huttonsville Correctional Center (Huttonsville, Randolph Co.) 304-335-2291
Martinsburg Correctional Center and Jail (Martinsburg, Berkeley Co.) 304-267-0156
Mount Olive Correctional Complex and Jail (Mt. Olive, Fayette Co.) 304-442-7213
North Central Regional Jail & Correctional Facility (Sutton, Doddridge Co.) 304-873-1384
South Central Regional Jail & Correctional Facility (Charleston, Kanawha Co.) 304-558-1336
Tygart Valley Regional Jail & Correctional Facility (Elkins, Randolph Co.) 304-637-0382
Western Regional Jail & Correctional Facility (Barboursville, Cabell Co.) 304-733-6821

WV Department of Veterans Assistance



Nurses, LPNs, and Health Service Workers

WV Veterans Nursing Facility (Clarksburg, Harrison County) 304-626-1600​