Annual (Vacation) Leave

Annual leave (vacation/personal time off) is earned by eligible employees from the first day of employment. Most agencies allow employees to receive credit for earned leave on a monthly or semi-monthly basis, and the amount of leave accrued is based on years of service. Employees may use their leave in accordance with agency protocol, and they may save (or “bank”) up to a yearly maximum carry forward amount (from December 31 into the next year) that varies by length of service. See the chart below for details.​

(Monthly and Yearly)
Less than 5 years 1.25 days/month   =   15 days/year 30 days
5 years, but less than 10 years 1.50 days/month   =   18 days/year 30 days
10 years, but less than 15 years 1.75 days/month   =   21 days/year 35 days
15 years or more 2.00 days/month   =   24 days/year 40 days


For more information on annual leave, please refer to the West Virginia Division of Personnel Administrative Rule or check with your supervisor.