Examinations of Qualifications: Tested (Written) v. Non-tested (Rated)

When you apply with the Division of Personnel for a job title, your eligibility will be determined in one of two ways - tested or non-tested: 

*       Tested (also referred to as written) uses a combination of an evaluation of your qualifying education, training, and/or experience along with the results of a written test and/or performance test, or 

*       Non-tested (also referred to as rated) uses an evaluation of your qualifying education, training, and/or experience only.

It’s easy to determine which job titles require a written and/or performance test – they’ll be listed with a ‘(W)’ and/or ‘(P)’ after the job title – see examples below: 

Below, you'll see that Customer Service Representative requires a written test, as designated by the (W) after the job title and that Data Entry Operator 1 and 2 require performance testing, as designated by the (P) after those job titles.  

examiniation example.JPG 

Most job classifications do not require written or performance testing; instead, you’ll receive a score based on your qualifying education, training, and/or experience. These are referred to as ‘Unassembled’ or ‘Rated’ Examinations. For these positions, you simply need to submit your application – online application is preferred. Paper applications generally take longer to process. When the evaluation of your qualifications is completed, your score will be sent to you.


Some job titles do, however, require a written test. For these, you MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION BEFORE TESTING. Again, you’re encouraged to complete our online application. If you apply online, you do not need to submit another application when you report for testing. Those using a paper application must take the completed paper application to the test center on the day of the written test. Either way, please note the following:

*       You will be required to produce a photo ID

*       Arrive 30 minutes prior to test time

*       Calculators & Cell phones are prohibited

*       We cannot accept applications by email

*       A résumé does not substitute for the Division of Personnel Application Form 

You do not need an appointment for testing, and there is no fee, but be sure to check the test schedules for times and days. Visit our website on the day you plan to test to make sure the test center is open.  Click on the link above the map on the “Testing Locations” page.  NOTE: If you have a disability and need testing accommodations, call our Applicant Services unit in advance (304-558-3950, then press 0).

IMPORTANT: For ALL job classes, be sure to read and comply with any special application instructions in the online job postings.