Tested Positions


Titles Requiring an Online Exam

Accounting Technician 1 & 2

Assistant Fire Marshall-in-Training

Customer Service Representative

Environmental Inspector - in - Training

Environmental Resources Specialist 1

Financial Institution Examiner, Trainee

Investigator 1 & 2

Probation and Parole Officer 1

Clerical (1 exam for 10 titles)

Office Assistant 1, 2 & 3 Typing & Non-typing

Administrative Secretary

Imaging Operator 1

Secretary 1 & 2 

If the applicant meets the minimum qualifications and passes any required examination, the applicant’s name will be added to the eligible list or register (receipt of a passing score is indication that the applicant’s name has been added). If the applicant believes the evaluation of qualifications to be incorrect, one may request a re-evaluation.

An eligible list exists for each announced job title. Qualified applicant names will remain available for agency referral up to one year. Applicants may not retake the same examination within a period of 30 days from the previous test date; but, may wish to retest seeking improved scores. The new score (higher or lower) will automatically replace any previous score. When a vacancy occurs, the hiring agency in which the vacancy exists requests from DOP the names of eligible candidates. Eligible applicants are referred in score order, ranked highest to lowest. Agencies may choose to interview and appoint any one of the top 10 eligible applicants (including ties), or anyone at or above the 90th percentile. The decision on whom to hire is completely at the discretion of the hiring agency. Depending on vacancies, qualified applicant names may be referred to any of the 30 plus state agencies. This approach enables applicants to efficiently compete for numerous jobs without having to apply at multiple locations. If selected to interview or for employment, the agency will notify the applicant directly.

Because state government is immense and diverse, job opportunities are constantly changing. The state has a continuous need for workers in many fields, including health/medical, information technology, legal, clerical, financial, engineering, construction, maintenance, social services, and corrections (listed under Critical Needs Jobs section on our website). Interested persons should contact individual agencies or facilities about future hiring plans (please see directory of state agencies).

How To Take A Test

If the applicant has applied for one or more positions indicated with a “T” or “P”, a notification will be sent via CourseMill stating, “You have been registered as a user in the State of West Virginia Public Learning Center for Civil Service Testing.”  Please note that the preferred browser is Firefox. (Effective 8/03/20)

Staff will register these applicants and written instructions will be provided to that applicant approximately within 10 days of receipt.  A separate email will notify the applicant when an exam has been assigned in order to take the test.  Only one USERNAME/PASSWORD notification will be issued to use for all exams.  Log on to: www.onlinelearning.wv.gov/student.

If the applicant proceeds and takes the exam, the applications are then reviewed to ensure minimum qualifications have been met.  Once this review is complete and it is determined that the applicant is qualified and has passed this test, the applicant’s name will be placed on the hiring register for consideration.