Employee Performance Appraisal: The Foundation for Performance Management

Audience: Supervisors/Managers
Component I - DOP-Policy 18
Instructor: Aju James​, Ph.D.​
Contact Hours: 4​ Hours

Course Description:

Are you looking for ways to improve employee and organizational performance? Would you like to focus your employees' attention on the most important parts of their jobs? Are you interested in improving productivity and morale in the workplace?​


If you answered yes to these questions, join us for Employee Performance Appraisal: The Foundation for Performance Management to learn how to utilize the performance appraisal process as a tool to achieve results.


In this interactive program you will learn:
  • How to partner with your employees to establish meaningful goals;
  • How to write measurable performance expectations;
  • A model for holding performance discussions; and
  • How to use the employee performance appraisal system as a meaningful talent management tool.

This program is currently only available as an onli​ne course.