Scores and Interviews


After you apply, you should receive a score in four to six weeks.

If you qualify and pass any required examination, your name will be added to the eligibles list or register (receipt of a passing score is your indication that your name has been added). There is an eligibles list for each announced job title. Your name will remain available for agency referral for one year.

When a vacancy occurs, the hiring agency (the agency in which the vacancy exists) requests from us the names of eligibles who are available to work at the job location. Eligible applicants are referred in score order, ranked highest to lowest. Agencies may choose to interview and appoint any one of the top 10 eligibles (including ties), or anyone at or above the 90th percentile.The decision on whom to hire rests with the individual hiring agency.

Depending on hiring needs, your name may be referred to any of more than 30 State agencies. This approach enables applicants to efficiently compete for many jobs without having to apply at multiple locations. If you are selected for interview or employment, the agency will notify you.

If you’re unhappy with your score and/or rank, you may re-apply and or re-test; however, there is a waiting period to apply for the exact same job title and level. The waiting period is 90 days unless stated otherwise in the posting.

Because State government is so large and diverse, job opportunities are constantly changing. The State has a continuous need for workers in many fields, including health, medical, information technology, legal, clerical, financial, engineering, construction, maintenance, social services, and corrections (check out our Critical Needs Jobs section). Interested persons should contact individual agencies or facilities about their future hiring plans. For a directory of State agencies, click here.