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Special Requests for OHRD Services (SRS) - Responding to Our Customers' Needs

In addition to offering regularly scheduled training programs for a general state government audience, OHRD has served the specialized needs of our customers for over 25 years. Through the SRS process, OHRD not only helps agencies gain compliance with Components I-IV of DOP-Policy 18, the State's Supervisor/Manager Training Program, but we also offer customized training programs and performance consulting services to meet a team's or organization's needs to address emerging performance gaps and/or opportunities for improvement.​

Some of the services that we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Policy compliance training
  • Team building services
  • Leadership coaching
  • Conflict management consultation
  • Organizational assessment
  • Strategic planning services
  • Change implementation services​
  • Group/team facilitation
For more information, view our our available performance solutions.

What is an SRS?

Combining research-based solutions with a unique understanding and knowledge of WV State Government, OHRD offers specific, customized training and performance consulting services that facilitate learning, guide change efforts, and improve performance. In addition to the training events listed in the semiannual OHRD Program Schedule, we offer training, development, and consulting services to state agencies upon request.

How is an SRS processed?

STEP 1:  A requestor completes a Special Reque​st for Services Form.

STEP 2:  When OHRD receives an SRS Form, we conduct a preliminary needs assessment/performance analysis. This process allows us to recommend a solution that best meets the customer’s needs.

Here are some of the typical assessment questions we ask:
  • What type of assistance are you seeking from OHRD?
  • What problems are you trying to address? What improvements are you seeking to make?
  • What business goals/objectives are you trying to attain?
  • What do you want people to do differently? What new knowledge do you want people to gain?
  • How will you know that improvement has occurred?
  • On a scale of 1—10, how critical is improvement in the identified area(s)?
  • What is the risk associated with a failure to improve?
  • What investment will your agency make to facilitate improvement?
  • What is the timeframe?*

Prior to submitting an SRS, consider your answers to these questions. Doing so will speed the assessment/analysis process and help facilitate the partnership between your organization and OHRD.

The request and needs assessment data is then reviewed by OHRD and an approved/denied determination is made based on established criteria, including connection to OHRD mission, needs assessment data, availability of instructors, and workload priorities.

*Due to limited resources, we might not be able to accommodate requests requiring a quick turnaround.​

STEP 3a: Denied: If the request is denied, an explanation and alternatives will be provided to the requestor/requesting agency.

STEP 3b: Approved: If the request is approved, any additional information needed is gathered and the requestor/requesting agency is provided with a Scope of Work (SOW).​

For more information, contact OHRD at 304-414-1857 or