Tested Positions

Some state positions require a written test as an evaluation of qualification. Here we explain which positions require a test and everything else you need to know.

Tested (Written) 

When looking at job announcements, you'll see some announcements may have a "(W)" for written or "(P)" for performance following the job title. These letters indicate that you must take a test to be evaluated for this job.

Tested positions require an evaluation of your qualifying education/training and/or experience along with the results of a written test and/or performance test.

How to Take a Test

If you've applied for one or more positions that were marked with a "(W)" or "(P)," then you will need to visit a test center nearest you within 90 days to take the corresponding test.

To locate your nearest test center location, please visit our map. On the day you plan to test, click the link above the map on our test location page; sometimes locations must unexpectedly close due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Appointments and fees are not required.

You are allotted 3 hours at your own pace to take a civil service exam.

Seating is limited.

Before Testing


- Bring a photo ID

- Arrive 30 minutes prior to test time; tests begin promptly at the designated time

- Test within 90 days of applying online

- Know the name of the test you plan to take and inform the test administrator

- On the day you plan to test, click the link above the map on our Testing Locations page



- Send applications via email; they will not be accepted.

- Bring a resume; it will not take the place of a DOP Application.

- Report to test centers for Correctional Officer 1 (CO 1) tests. See CO 1 job announcement for testing information.

- Call the test centers with inquiries; instead, please contact the Division of Personnel's Applicant Services Unit at 681-313-2704.



If you meet the minimum qualifications and pass any required examination, your name will be added to the eligible list or register (receipt of a passint score is your indication that your name has been added). There is an eligible list for each announced job title. Your name will remain available for agency referral for one year.

Applicants may not retake the same written examination within a period of 90 days from the previous test date; they may wish to retest to improve his/her score. The new score (higher or lower) will automatically replace any previous score.

When a vacancy occurs, the hiring agency (the agency in which the vacancy exits) requests from us the names of eligible candidates who are available to work at the job location. Eligible applicants are referred in score order, ranked highest to lowest. Agencies may choose to interview and appoint any one of the top 10 eligible candidates (including ties), or anyone at or above the 90th percentile. The decision on whom to hire rests with the individual hiring agency.

Depending on hiring needs, your name may be referred to any of more than 30 state agencies. This approach enables applicants to efficiently compete for many jobs without having to apply at multiple locations. If you are selected to interview or employment, the agency will notify you directly.

If you think you have been incorrectly evaluated, you may request a re-evaluation.

Because state government is so large and diverse, job opportunities are constantly changing. The state has a continuous need for workers in many fields, including health/medical, information technology, legal, clerical, financial, engineering, construction, maintenance, social services, and corrections (check out our Critical Needs Jobs section). Interested persons should contact individual agencies or facilities about their future hiring plans (directory of state agencies).