Find the date any number of days after a given date. Find the number of days until any date. Find the days between 2 dates.
Number of days to advance:  
Count Saturdays and Sundays? Yes No
Count the selected date as day 1 ? Yes No  
More Instructions:

This calendar program can be used to quickly find the date any given number of days after a selected date. Simply select a date on the calendar. Enter the number of days you want to advance. Click 'GO'. The calendar will count off the days and display the resulting date. Two counting options are available: 1) include or skip weekends (Sat. Sun.). 2) start counting on the selected date (day 1), or on the next countable day.

Three shortcut buttons are provided to quickly count the standard 90-week day, 160-calendar day and 30-calendar day intervals. For all these options, select a date and click 90, 160, or 30. You do not have to enter a number or mark any options. The 90-count does not include (skips) Saturdays and Sundays. The 160 and 30 counts include all calendar days. The 90, 160 and 30 counts include the selected date as day number 1.

A third button, 60, counts 60 calendar days AFTER the selected date. Sixty days is the required waiting period before an applicant may take the same test again. Unlike the 90 and 160 counts, the 60 calendar days starts with the day after the selected date.

Remember, you can enter any number of days and select any option combination.

Bonus features: The date boxes at the bottom and the Days between 2 dates button can be used to find the number of days until any date or the difference in days between the top date and bottom date. For example, to find the number days until Christmas, select Today at the top and select December 25 at the bottom. To find the difference between any 2 dates, select the earlier date at the top and the later date at the bottom.

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