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Instructions. Annual Leave "Use or Lose" Calculator:     [Flash Demo]
This Use or Lose calculator can be used to determine how much annual leave you must use to end the year with exactly the maximum carry-forward limit. This will help you plan your leave and avoid the loss (forfeiture) of unused leave. Leave in excess of the carry-forward limit for your leave category cannot be carried forward to the next calendar year. All calculations are based on a standard 8 hour day.

You can use this form anytime during the year. First, make sure your correct monthly leave accrual is selected.

   Service Category            Accrual Rate         Maximum Carry-forward
   Less than 5 years       1.25 days or 10 hrs/mo.   30 days (240 hrs)
   5 years,  less than 10  1.50 days or 12 hrs/mo.   30 days (240 hrs)
   10 years, less than 15  1.75 days or 14 hrs/mo.   35 days (280 hrs)
   15 years or more        2.00 days or 16 hrs/mo.   40 days (320 hrs)
Now, from your last offical pay report or online leave system find your most recent leave balance. The leave report ending date and balance are shown on your report. Enter these on the form. Next, enter any hours leave taken since the balance report ending date. Because the balance report is usually a few days or weeks behind the current date, you must enter the total leave taken since the balance report date. In some cases, you may have taken no leave since the report date. Finally, click "Compute" to see how much leave you must Use or Lose.

Brief Example: My annual leave accrual rate is 2 days/month. Today's date is July 20. My last Leave Balance Report indicates that 'FOR PAY PERIOD ENDING' June 30, I had a net annual leave balance of 363 hours. My own records show that from July 1 to today, July 20, I used a total of 10.5 hours of annual leave. (This recent leave has not been recorded and deducted from my balance.) In addition, I want to include 2 hours I have scheduled off tomorrow, July 21. That makes 12.5 hours not recorded in my balance (10.5 + 2). So, I select June 30 as the report date. I enter the report Balance 363,and 12.5 hours used since the report. I click 'Compute'. Voila! The form shows that I must use 15 days, 6 hours, and 30 minutes leave by December 31 to end the year with exactly my maximum allowable carry-forward (320 hours).   [View the example form entries and results.] A 'Notes' field is provided to add any note, such as, 'Includes planned 2 hrs for Friday July 21st.' If you have questions about this form, please call 558-3950 x246.

Leave Donation
Your unused annual leave may be donated to an eligible state employee experiencing loss of income due to a prolonged personal or family medical condition.   [Details]

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