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New DOP Progression Date Calculator Available


​A new model of the Progression Date Calculator is available for download from DOP's website under the Calculators and Calendars page or under the Personnel Transaction Review section's page. This new model is more advanced than previous versions and will give its users the most accurate information available for employee tenure, increment, and progression dates. The new model only has one version, replacing the three previously used models. This will prevent confusion as to which calculator to use.
There is also a new feature referred to as "Events." For the purpose of this calculator, an "Event" is something that occurred to the employee to either show a break in service, a change in FTE, or other changes that will affect tenure, increment, or progression dates. This allows DOP to advise agencies on where errors are so they can be fixed. This "Event" space will also inform the staff who enter information into the calculator of the relative location of a chronological order error. This should reduce the amount of time staff spend trying to locate and correct errors.
As always, please do not use any older models of the Progression Date Calculator; please only use the current model. If you have a ny questions, please feel free to contact any staff member in Personnel Transaction Review section of DOP.

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