Child Protective Service Worker Video Shows Rewards of Job


​Sometimes, a job description doesn't quite capture the emotional aspect of a job. That is part of the motivation behind a video from the Department of Health and Human Resources' Bureau for Children and Families.
The video gives firsthand insight into the daily life and responsibilities of a Child Protective Service Worker (CPSW). Because the job can be such a difficult one, it's helpful for potential employees to know whether the long hours and sometimes heartbreaking situations can be handled on a daily basis. This realistic job preview was created by the West Virginia DHHR especially for the Bureau for Children and Families. The video shows actual staff discussing their experiences.
A CPSW is tasked with protecting the safety and welfare of children in their care. Days are filled with meetings/visits (with families, foster families, children, attorneys, etc.), and otherwise maintaining contact with anyone involved in a case, hearings (where they are often called to testify), possibly providing transportation, and other duties associated with managing multiple cases.
Due to an increase in parental substance abuse, more and more children enter foster care. Though the job is tough, it's not without its rewards. The video also shows a heartwarming relationship between a CPS worker and a child she was tasked with protecting; the now-adult still thinks of his former caseworker as a mother.

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