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Don’t let anxiety over taking a Division of Personnel written test get the better of you. Your successful testing experience actually begins the night before the exam. The following tips may help take the stress out of taking a Division of Personnel written examination:

  1. Eat a well-balanced meal at a reasonable hour the night before. Avoid greasy or spicy foods, foods high in sugar, and other foods that you know routinely don’t agree with you. Also avoid alcohol and unnecessary medications, especially those that make you groggy.

  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Try to go to bed a little early if possible.

  3. Eat a light to average breakfast. Be sure to include some protein (eggs, lean meat, etc.) and dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.), and limit carbohydrates and sugary foods (breads, pastries, sugary cereals, etc.) as these cause blood sugar to spike and drop, and can interfere with concentration.

  4. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at the testing location. Rushing increases your stress level.

  5. Listen carefully to all instructions from the test monitor and ask questions if your are unclear.

  6. Once the actual test begins, read through three or four random questions first. This will give you a “feel” for the test. Don’t spend too much time on this so that you can complete the examination in the time allotted.

  7. Once you begin answering questions, make sure to mark your answers clearly, and if you erase an answer, be sure to erase it completely.

  8. Go through the test and answer the “easy” questions first, then go back and work through the remaining questions.

  9. Focus on each question individually. On difficult questions, try to eliminate answers that are clearly wrong, then make an educated guess from the answers that remain. If you absolutely can’t figure out an answer, make the best guess you can and move to the next question.

  10. Pace yourself - don’t linger too long on any one question.

  11. If you find yourself becoming nervous or anxious, take a couple of minutes and practice some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or closing your eyes.

  12. If you finish before the allotted time, double check that you answered all the questions. If you feel like it, quickly review some of the questions for which you were the least sure of your answers. Be careful not to start second-guessing yourself and changing a lot of your answers. Unless you are certain an answer is wrong, your first choice is often right.

    For information regarding a general description of the procedures and topics covered on the Office Support Jobs (Clerical) test, click here.


    In order to apply for this job, you must do so through our regular procedure; however, you can find additional information on this test by clicking here.


      The Learning Express Library is an interactive test preparation database which you may find useful in your general test preparation. Access to this database is provided as a service of the West Virginia Library Commission.

    While some examinations presented at the Learning Express Library website may be similar in format and general subject coverage to some Division of Personnel examinations, the actual questions may be very different. The Library contains many tests related to school and occupation preparation. Test practice may help you improve your general testing skills.

    NOTE: The Learning Express Library isn’t specifically affiliated with the Division of Personnel, and as such, we cannot endorse or guarantee the usefulness of the material. Unless specifically stated in the job announcement, we do not provide study guides or study materials for our written tests.

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    Estimate your average, error-free typing speed and accuracy. Please note, these Typing Estimators may not be directly comparable to any Division of Personnel keyboard test. If you consistently make typing errors, chances are, your performance on a five-minute timed test could be somewhat lower. We suggest you do some practice with paper copy, since paper copy is used in the regular DOP keyboard test.

    For variety, there are five similar versions of the Estimator. Complete instructions are included (a recent Javascript capable browser is required). Select:  

      • Estimator "A" - Versions A and B show speed/accuracy after each sentence. Good for quick test and practice.
      • Estimator "B" - Shows speed after each sentence. Good for quick test and practice.
      • Estimator "C" - Version C, D, and E present the sentences one right after the other. You can set a time limit (minutes). Great for longer, more realistic tests. You may type as long as you want before showing your average speed.
      • Estimator "D" - Presents the sentences one right after the other. You can set a time limit. Great for longer, more realistic tests.
      • Estimator "E" - Presents the sentences one right after the other. You can set a time limit. Great for longer, more realistic tests.

    For more information about Division of Personnel written examinations, please refer to Question 11 in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).