Clerical/Office Support Jobs Test Information

All applicants for certain clerical titles are required to take and pass the Clerical/Office Support Jobs Examination. This one test is used for the following clerical/office support job titles:
  • Office Assistant 1, 2 and 3 (typing positions and non-typing positions)  
  • Secretary 1 and 2
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Imaging Operator I

Some specialized support jobs such as Accounting Technician, and Customer Service Representative require a different examination. Please read each posting very carefully. Also, some jobs require a typing test (click here for more information on the typing test).

There is no fee for any Division of Personnel written test. The same examination is used for all clerical titles. While applicants must apply for each title separately prior to testing, they only need to take the test once to be scored for any of the titles that is open for applications. Applicants must meet stated job minimum requirements to qualify.
The clerical/office support testing time limit is three hours. No study materials are available, although you can review general information about the test (click here for more detailed Clerical/Office Support Test information).
Applicants should apply online. You can use the same online application to apply for several jobs. You must apply separately for each job title for which you qualify and wish to be tested. You only need to take the test once. You may test at any of several testing sites (click here for our test locations and schedules).
We do not take appointments for testing. Simply apply online and then report to a test location on any scheduled test date as soon as schedules permit. You must test within 90 days of your application submission. Applicants who do not complete testing within 90 days may not be scored. 
If you have questions, please contact our office at 304-558-3950 extension 1. To begin searching and applying for positions, click here to go to our currently announced jobs.