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Where to Turn for Answers to Employee Questions


Over the course of their employment, State employees have a number of questions that arise over a variety of topics. Often, they’re unsure of where to go for answers. A good place to begin is with the State of West Virginia homepage.
Providing information to State employees is not only helpful, but essential. On the State’s homepage (www.wv.gov), you’ll find a section called “State Employees” and under that section, a link for “Employee Services.” Once the Employee Services page opens, you’ll have access to dozens of helpful links for topics like retirement, pay information, the Parental Leave Act, training, human rights information, wvOASIS, and a host of other relevant sites, including the U.S. Social Security Administration.
If you need assistance and don’t know where to turn, start with the State of West Virginia homepage!
A direct link to the Employee Services webpage is:

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