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Maximum Hours for Temporary Employment Increased


During the 2013 Regular Session, the West Virginia Legislature passed House Bill 3028, which increases the amount of hours temporary State employees may work in a 12-month period. Effective April 9, 2013, temporary employees may be employed for 1,000 hours or less during a 12-month period. Previously the statute, West Virginia Code § 29-6-4, stated the limitation was 90 days (720 hours) or less. 
In addition, temporary workers hired prior to the change are eligible to work up to the 1,000-hour limit. Likewise, temporary workers who have completed their 720 hours may be brought back to work for the additional 280 hours. Both extensions are at the agency’s discretion and not required.
Please note that due to this law, the information contained in our current Administrative Rule dated July 1, 2012(specifically Section 9.4 Temporary Employment) is not accurate.
If you need guidance or assistance regarding this change, please contact Division of Personnel’s Employee Information/Transaction Processing staff at the number below, or send us a message through our website “Contact Us” link to the left.

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